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  I think that is pretty neat


I think that is pretty neat picture too!  I don't know how you harvested him but I'm with Ca_Vermonster on this.  Deep fried rattler is good.  The hatband is an excellent additiona to the meat.  I liked rattler meat so much so that I tried rattle snake hunting this year for the first time - Colorado has a two month season on them.  I spent time with a local guy I know from church talking about how he hunts them - with a rake and a knife.  I did some internet searching as well and found all kinds of crazy ways people hunt them - i.e. mice tied to fishing line and dropped down their hole.  Anyhow - I went with Rake, a knife, and a 9mm with shot shells.  I heard one rattle but never could find him.  Needless to say I had to buy my fried rattler meat.  Anyhow great picture!


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Very nice! we get plenty of

Very nice! we get plenty of those guys out here in southern California.  Only killed one though, and fried him up. Actually tasted pretty good.

That rattler should make a good hatband for sure!