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  That is an awesome set of


That is an awesome set of pictures and to do it with Buster Edwards is just another asterisk on the hunt and the memory!  I see more than purses and wallets here though!  I see a lot of deep fried gator meat...mmm...mmm... good!  Great pictures and definitely thanks for sharing them with us!  Doing some gator hunting myself next year's season in Florida with my brother-in-law.  I am looking forward to it!!!




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Thanks guys. Yea I saw those

Thanks guys. Yea I saw those big bad boys & thought PURSES! lol, I was really amazed though at how little they paid Buster & his guys for them, especially considering how much those skins cost when we try to buy em at the store. I guess alot goes into designing them or something, but it really seemed unfair to me.

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Awesome Pictures

I'll agree, that looks like a bunch of boots and wallets sitting there. Always wanted to hunt alligators. My friend in LA. keeps calling me to come down.

Nice pictures. 

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Cool pictures!

Wow!  That looks like a whole 'lotta boots and wallets sitting on the ground!  Cool pictures!  Thanks for sharing.

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Man that looks like a great

Man that looks like a great time had by all.