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  32 great pictures


32 great pictures Vermonster!  Excellent shots of Dad and his deer.  I see he uses no scope based on the pic with him dragging it out of the woods.  My Dad does the same for his hunting of deer.  He only uses a scope with his 30-06 with larger big game.  The moose definitely needs more detail of a story as we are all waiting on that one.  I definitely like the "tradition" shots as that is me and my younger brother last year.  Overall a great gallery of your time in Vermont.  More memories that will last you a life time. 


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Thanks for a great bunch of

Thanks for a great bunch of pictures with a lot of variety. All great looking bucks, your dads is a dandy and that's a hog of a six point also. It's good to see how everyone gets involves all the way down to the processin and getting himm ready to eat. Good picyures of the moose also, we need to hear more about the story behind that one. I know you mentioned her drawing the tag before but I don't think I saw anything about the actual hunt yet.

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Thanks.  I have a few more,

Thanks.  I have a few more, but I ran out of time earlier today.  The moose is one my cousin got last week.  Thought I had posted it in the main forums, but maybe I didn't.  I will throw up a quick post about it later.