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Those hogs can sure tear up

Those hogs can sure tear up some land in a hurry. I know is some areas it has really hurt the deer and bear populations. Hope you get a few and thin those piggies out. I am sure it will help your deer herd.

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  Very neat Ca_Vermonster!  I


Very neat Ca_Vermonster!  I read where you said you had a tag - did you have to pay for the tag or does California also have the shoot on sight directive - and the tag is a formality to account for those that are harvested?  California is supposedely only second to Texas in the ferral hog/swine population.  I can easily see by the pictures that even a fairly established group of hogs can destroy an area in no time and populate more so to destroy even greater of an area.  Good Hog Hunting To You!


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Well, in typical liberal

Well, in typical liberal California fashion, you have to pay for everything here.  It used to be, up until 6-7 years ago, that you could buy a booklet of 5 tags for something like $25.  However, since pig, along with deer are the top big game animals in the state, they saw that they could make more money off of it.  So, it's now around $25 for EACH tag. 

However, when you can get 100+ pounds, of meat, that's not so bad.  Plus, they are unlimited, and there is no closed season.

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Thats pretty cool Sean! I can

Thats pretty cool Sean! I can see how a pack of pigs could cause some serious damage in a short period of time. Was this on public land tha you could have a crack at them? I have heard you and others from Cali talking about how many pigs you guys have and how land owners charge you an arm and a leg to hunt them. That doesn't make to much sence to me considering how much they damage the pigs cause you'd think they would pay hunters to come take care of a feew of them. But I guess it's all about the money and not really about the crops.

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Absolutely, I could have shot

Absolutely, I could have shot one if I saw one.  I even had the tag in my pocket.  The problem is that they are still very underpopulated down here, not like central or northern California.  They think the population is under 1,00 animals here, but that is a million acres, and some of the roughest country you have ever seen.  So, you have to be lucky to stumble acros them right now, or have access to private land where they are held up.

This was older stuff here, maybe a couple of months.  It was "new" enough that no grass had grown where it was torn up, but old enough that the ground had become weathered.  I didn't see any recent sign, but I ran into 2 guys who said that they had intel the pigs were hanging out in the ravine next to where I found this, and they were headed in to look around.  I walked with them for a while, then went my own seperate way.