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  Excellent shots overall of


Excellent shots overall of your elk hunt.  I really like the camp fire shot - that brings back many many memories!  My dad is similar on the sleeping in the woods thing.  I guess he can afford it now with so many big game animals already harvested.  It is like he now just soaks up all of the nature and wilderness of it all.  Anyhow - great pics and hope you get that Colorado hunt in and break that dry spell with pictures of your huge big game kill!


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Beautiful Pictures

If I had something that beautiful to look at I wouldn't worry about hunting elk. I would sit by that tree all day.

Very nice Pictures,I enjoyed them.

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You have some nice pics

You have some nice pics there. The one pic looks like he has his work cut out for him.

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That picture of someone

That picture of someone laying down on the hillside looks alot like waht my dad looks like when he is elk hunting, but he would be asleep.

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Yeah, looks comfortable,

Yeah, looks comfortable, doesn't it?  He actually is about my Dad's age.  He is the father of one of my wife's friends.  They live up in Oregon, and years ago I found out that he elk hunts every year.  I ended up driving the 14 hours up there one year to hunt for 4 days.  Beautiful country, OTC tags, and "free" camping in the national forest.  Was pretty cool.  Love to do it again, but I think I will try Colorado with some buddies.