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  Ca_Vermonster - great hunt


Ca_Vermonster - great hunt and fishing pics!!!  I love to deep sea fish.  Especially for dolphin fish and tuna!!!  I have fished cape hatteras, NC many times.  I once caught with my brother and two friends over 600 pounds of tuna - each about 10 to 40 pounds a piece.  Also caught a boatload of dolphin or mahi mahi plus some great wahoo.  Anyhow - great pics!  Also - I had to go 11 pages before finding this gallery of yours.  You need a new gallery so you are up front and I don't have to look so hard!  Just kidding. 



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Nice Pictures

That's a bunch of fish. Looks like you had a blast. Well we know what's for supper anyway.

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Very nice pics you have

Very nice pics you have there. Looks like you had alot of fun catching those fish. Looks like you got quite a few ducks there as well. 

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Wow...some real nice fish

Wow...some real nice fish there.  Someday I would like to do some fishing like that!

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Well, maybe we could trade a

Well, maybe we could trade a tuna trip for some elk guiding/hunting advice in Colorado..... lol

It's a blast.  Each year he comes out for a hunting/fishing/golfing weekend.  Really fun to do.