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  DAMN is that a GREAT Buck! 


DAMN is that a GREAT Buck!  I am well past my good feeling for harvesting my first mule deer doe - it as a very respectible size - 72 pounds of meat.  But this buck already has me looking towards 2012.  I had to pass on a very nice and old dark coat 4X4 this year that was within 30 yards of me as I didn't have a buck tag.  Next year cannot get her quick enough!


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Awesome Muley

Thanks for sharing the pictures and I also loved your story. You worked hard for the deer and you deserve it. I live 45 minutes from Cabelas in Kansas City Mo. and they have a Mule Deer display and I don't think anyone down there could touch yours. Great Job!!!!

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Thanks, but if you look at

Thanks, but if you look at the beginning of the post, it wasn't my deer.  It was a story in an email that I was passing along, cause it was a beautiful deer.  I only wish I could get something like that.