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Retired, The first shot is


The first shot is about six months after the fire and rain. The two green appearing pictures are right after the rains. I wish I had a picture of before the fire but I don't.

I have seen some pictures before the fire and there was a lot of undergrowth and cover that deer used to thier advantage. The fire helped to "open up" the country some but it still provides plenty of cover. I'd venture to say it looks more like it did thirty years ago before the granola eating enviro-freaks got ahold of it. I think it's better now than before the fire.

We will never be able to return it to what it was when I was a kid but somewhere between that and what was before the fire is a happy medium that is beneficial to all I think. 


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  Very neat 3 shots to see


Very neat 3 shots to see the changes in the area over a spanse of time.  It kind of looks erie in the one shot, then great grassland after the rains (I'm certain the deer enjoyed the fresh green grasses), and then the present desert like conditions afterwards.  They say that a burn off is good for an area as it regenerates the soil and allows new tree growth to take the place of the old.  It should provide eventually better hunting land in the future.  I'd be interested in seeing another shot of this area in say another 6 months.  Thanks for sharing these pics of your hunting grounds and the changes you are able to observe.