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Thanks for the comments. I'm still learning this camera/computer stuff.

Yes, these shots are in AZ. The wife and I went out with the dogs on Thanksgiving for a few hours. I had the 10/22 in case I saw any rabbits and the bolt action for coyotes. On this trip I saw niether rabbit or coyote but we all had fun.

To me it's about getting out and having fun. I even got the wife to shoot a few rounds from the 10/22 and she liked it.


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  Pretty neat shots BikerRN. 


Pretty neat shots BikerRN.  It looks like three of them did not submit correctly - at least it looks like it on my end.  Interesting that you have a gun in hand and one on your back.  What were you hunting - two possible animals thus the two different guns?  The terrain looks similar to where I hunt.  Is this in AZ as well as some of your other pics?  Thanks for sharing the pics with us!