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  No those are Halibut and


No those are Halibut and not flounder!  Yes, great tasting fish and a nice mess of them you have.  But that wouldn't last me but a couple of months!  Great pics!


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Ah Alaska!


Ah Alaska!  You captured your fishing trip very nicely in these pictures.  I and the wife are definitely going to make it up there in 2012 or 2013.  The idea is to fish with the wife and do a moose hunt with the hunting partner.  Nice shot of the flounder as well.  Thanks for sharing these pictures with all of us!


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What a beautiful set of

What a beautiful set of photos!

My wife has been to Alaska and she says it is flat stunning and that pictures hardly do it justice... I am sure this is true with your images, also.

Are those halibut - they look a cousin to a flounder! Looks like a great take and some mighty fine eating right there.

I see you have another album of Alaska images, I will check these out also.

While these are not strictly hunting related, I just wonder what all hunting opportunities lie up there... we think of bears - at least I do - when I think of Alaska.

Great work - keep on posting!!