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That is one awesome

That is one awesome beast!!!!! Good job!!!!!

Very nice bull! Did you get

Very nice bull! Did you get him scored? Thanks for sharing your photo

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Actually I never did. I took him opening morning with my son on video and my best friend right there with us. My son showing up was a surprise and I was excited as heck just to have them there with me. Thats how I want to remember the hunt. Saying that, I will score him when I get him back from the taxidermist.

Did you take him with rifle

Did you take him with rifle or bow? Also what state were you hunting?

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I took him with .308. It was an Early Rifle Elk Tag. Its funny, it took me 12 years to get my first Elk Tag here in AZ. I skunked that time. Then it took me another 8 years for my second tag. I took a small bull on the 5th day. Then the very next year I pulled this tag and this Bull. The draw in AZ. is funny! And I am not complaining. 

I've been thinking about

I've been thinking about starting to collect points in AZ. I should cause it will probably take me a long time to get to where I need to be to get a tag. I've just never put it too far up on the list yet cause it's so far from Idaho. But AZ seems like they have all the big bulls!

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Let me know if you need any help when the time comes. Maybe you can return the favor. I would love to see Idaho during a hunt. Do you usually draw in Idaho every year? What about non-resident. My bud wants to hunt Colorado next year and is getting as much information as possible as well as making contact with others. Let me know if you get a chance. Thanks

Idaho has a lot of non

Idaho has a lot of non resident OTC tags that are on a first come first buy basis. However with that being said only two of the zones have sold out and they went on sale in Dec 09 for the 2010 season. Not sure if it's all economy or the wolf problem. In prior years the ''hot'' zones have sold out the first day for non residents. Putting in for a draw well your luck will probably be as good as mine as I have got 2 bull tags since moving to Idaho in 97. They are talking about maybe a preference point system in 2011 but nothing set in stone yet. So keep an eye on that and I'll let you know if I hear anything. I hunt the Selway B tag which is over 90% wilderness so its a difficult hunt with limited access if you don't have horses or use an outfitter. But it's very much doable if you don't mind hiking a lot.

I will give you a buzz when I get AZ rolling and would very much appreciate any help that I could get. Let me know what else I can help you out with Idaho. Also the deer are OTC unless you put in for the draws and yet to see them sell out. Some of the units 17, which I'm hunting this year sells non resident bear tags for 31.50 instead of 180 something or whatever they are and it's a two bear limit for that wilderness area. So that's a plus if you ever want a cheap out of state bear hunt in those zones and they permit bear baiting as well.