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great story great pics!

Thanks for sharing the hunt and the photos with us. Sharing a hunt with a friend makes it ten times more enjoyable! I am looking forward to the ext time we can get together to chase muleys or anything else for that matter!


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Interesting pictures and

Interesting pictures and descriptions. I've always been interested in a bison hunt but don't know thw details of all that's available. I never saw the story you mentioned. How long ago did you post it as I would like to read the whole thing.

anyway good pictures of a very impressive and nostalgic american animal.

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Hunter, Hey, if you ever want


Hey, if you ever want to know more about our bison hunt, drop me a line and I'll tell ya all about it.  You can email me at my home address: 

arrowflipper  (alias, john)

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Here's a link to the story

Here's a link to the story: