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Arrowflipper – that cabin looks GREAT.

Arrowflipper – that cabin looks GREAT.  The last time that I saw it in photographs Stan was working on getting the walls up when it was about 95 degrees in the shade.  I knew he was tough from hunting with him, after that I knew he was crazy too.  There is a lot more room inside than I thought there would be.  He has decorated it very comfortably in a perfect style for the 1800s.  Except for that radiator.  I suspect that will be relocated to another resting place at some point since I don’t think that the wood stove is equipped to circulate hot water or steam through there.  But the hearth is perfect for that little stove.  I bet the nights could get chilly and a small fire would warm up the one room shelter admirably on those winter nights.  Thanks for sharing the pictures and for sharing the story with me.  In case anyone here didn’t pick up on it , it is worth pointing out that Stan not only restored this cabin, he took it apart piece by piece – moved it to his property – and reassembled it in order to save and preserve it.  That is quite an undertaking to do ALONE!