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That was a truly impressive animal.

Archery_hunter33 – That was a truly impressive animal. Most of us will never see a big horn sheep with horns even close to that size of curl that ram had. Heck most of us will never be close to ANY big horned sheep! So thanks for sharing those amazing photographs. I know that this is as close as I will likely ever come to a monarch of the cliffs like that. I can’t help but wonder how heavy all that head gear is. Horns like that have to weigh what – ten pounds each? Or maybe a combined total of twenty five pounds all together for both of them? Even though he would have been an amazing addition to any hunter’s trophy wall, I think that it is pretty neat that that old ram was able to live out his full natural life and basically die at peace in his old age. Let’s hope that we are all so blessed when are day comes. Let’s hope too that he has passed along a good healthy share of his impressive horn growing DNA into the gene pool for future generations as well. I think that we would all like to see a few more big horn rams like him running around the heights for years to come!

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Big old Ram

Beautiful, a true master in his own rite and domain.  Great pictures, they will keep his image alive for others to enjoy for a long time to come.  I wonder, if he had not have had heart and lung problems, along with a chest infection, just how many more years he could have lived.  They are magificent creatures, and as many years as I had lived in Colorado, I had never seen one as big and old as him.

Truly a Blessing to see such an animal

Thanks for the photo's. It is awesome in seeing such an animal of class in finishing his life out and being found. Just awesome!

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He scores 195 5/8 B&C

He scores 195 5/8 B&C

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That is truly a Big Old Ram!

That is truly a Big Old Ram! WOW!!!