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That's too cool.  How did you

That's too cool.  How did you stay in your skin, much less the stand? Thanks for sharing.

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Dinner for two

Dinner for two

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I sat on this kill with my lion tag on the 3rd evening, talk about some nervs going crazy.  Knowing that here are 3 big cats in the area and your sitting on their kill armed only with a bow… kind of hard to sit still.  Didn’t see the cats in person, they were done with the dear in just 2 nights.

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thats a awsome

thats a awsome pic to get on a trail cam.

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Right place Right Time

I saw the antler of that buck sticking up through the leaves and when over to pick it up.  When I got to it I noticed that the rest of the deer was still attached.  Noticing it was a lion kill I had my Trail cam set up asap.  I got over 250 pics of two lions feeding on it.

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Wow thats Crazy!

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Thats an amazing pic,

Thats an amazing pic,