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Some ver ynice photos

Some ver ynice photos there!

We have a population of desert bighorns over here in California too.  I always put in for the draw, but I am not holding my breath. 

Heck, some of the zones have 1 tag. lol

Maybe some day.

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Great photos, thank you for

Great photos, thank you for sharing. Sheep are a great looking animal. I agree i cant beleave someone would poach these animals. Again thanks for sharing.

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My comments: 1) those are

My comments:

1) those are beautiful animals

2) you say they are photographed often - does that mean they in a protected area, or there is no open season there, or what?

3) where are the pictures of your hunt?

4) I believe that people would poach them. Whenever animals are easily accessible, there is always someone who can't resist. It's the same with people shooting deer out of their truck when they are out in the fields at night. I always get a kick out of the guys who blast away at the "robo-deer" and can't figure out why the crazy thing won't fall down! Then when the DNR roll up, they say something like, "I just couldn't help myself!"  Ha, Ha!

Thanks for the great pictures. If you are a hunter, I hope you draw a tag and can get one for your wall. I guess they're good eating, too.