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  These are five great shots


These are five great shots of your antelope hunt!  I too would very much like to do a camper hunt in the middle of nowhere Wyoming to harvest a group of antelope.  I'm looking to do my first antelope hunt this December in eastern Colorado and can only hope to have a memory close to what you accomplished here.  Great pics and thanks for sharing them!


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Nice bunch of pictures there,

Nice bunch of pictures there, looks like you had a similar Wyoming hunt to mine. We took 18 Antelope in basically 4 days of hunting and I also got a picture of my first horned toad. Never seen one before that trip.

Wyoming is a must do hunt every year for us but we have decided to scale back on that many tags because it's too hard to get them all cut up when you get home.

thanks for sharing


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Great Pictures

There is nothing like  hunting out of your camper in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for sharing the pictures looks like you had a great time.