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Zwickey Broadheads?

Anybody have any experience with Zwickey broadheads, with or w/o bleeder blades? By looking at them, I would guess they are stamped. I wonder how uniform they are in terms of tuning. Do they seem to fly consistently?

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Zwickey Broadheads?

The Zwickey and Magnus II are both excellent performers and have a large following with traditional shooters as well as some compound shooters.

As far as 2 or 4 blade (2 with a bleeder). In a compound, I don't believe it would make much difference. In a traditional rig. I prefer a 2 blade on game with a thicker mass than deer, for penetration.

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Zwickey Broadheads?

Zwickeys are terrible, sure they might be fine for traditoinal archers who take only 20 yard shots, but for the compound archer who is getting shots up to 50 yards they are terrible sad , the reason being is that the 2 blade creates an uneven weight dispertion in flight especialy since the zwacheys are stamped. dont get them Shame on You! Instead get some American Broadhead Company broadhead!

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