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zero bonus pts NR AZ?

This is for those who are knowledgeable about the draw system in AZ.

I've read (on the internet of course) that there were units in Arizona that a person had a decent chance of drawing and shooting a "non-trophy" bull. Most mention late season rifle hunts where demand is lower. I started looking at units on the eastern and central parts of AZ since I'm from NM. As far as I can figure, even in these late season hunts a NR who had not put in for AZ in the past has less than a 1-5% chance at these hunts.

Am I missing something? Does such a unit exist or does one still have to have to pay $160 per year for 3-5 years before one has decent chance at these late season hunts?

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Rule Change

I believe one has to purchase a license, and they changed the rules this year, increasing the cost to NR Hunters, that made it so you had to buy a Hunt and Fish license at a higher cost if you are a NR.

So yes, you need to buy a license in order to buy a Bonus Point, if I understand correctly. I need to research it more but from the outset AZ doesn't look like a good deal for the NR Hunter.

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I believe you are correct

I believe you are correct with your last statement...

"does one still have to have to pay $160 per year for 3-5 years before one has decent chance at these late season hunts?"

Unless you get a Non-Permit tag...

These tags may be purchased over-the-counter at Department offices or license dealers.


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AZ is a tough state for NR to

AZ is a tough state for NR to get a tag..

1) There are a few OTC Elk units in AZ that Game and Fish wants to really hammer the numbers down... Those units can be tough..

2) 3-5 points? Maybe. Every year you put in, you need to buy a license... Yeah at $160 it is a drag... I have 10 points but I sometimes hunt OTC Archery Deer in AZ so it doesn't hurt to bad.

IN THEORY, you have a "chance" of drawing every year but it doesn't happen often... What I am doing is just buying points until I am serious about trying to get an elk tag. I figure that will happen when I hit around 12 points then I will start putting in unit that I want to hunt. I want to make sure I have enough money stashed to hire a guide when I draw a tag in a premier unit... I don't want to waste the opportunity..

Either way, you have a chance and you can't draw if you don't put in so give it a shot. Even some of the tough to draw units can be drawn with few points.

I should say that AZ has a cap of up to 10% NR for each unit, so once that is hit then you are out of luck...

There are some unit were NO NR draw...


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The seceret in the draws in

The seceret in the draws in Arizona is to hunt something besides your target animal.  I have been buying a Arizona hunting license as a non resident now for 19 years to hunt javelina and have purchesed bonus points for elk and deer for the last 7 (I know I'm stupid and should of been doing it longer).  Also if you purchase a 2014 hunting license before January 1, 2014 you will save $10.00.  I was suprised when I put in my application this fall for next spring that it was the old price. 

Arizona also offers a hunter safty bonus point but you need to take their hunter safty course. 

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