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Yukon Seeks Public Input on Elk Management

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Yukon Seeks Public Input on Elk Management

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Yukon Seeks Public Input on Elk Management

The Yukon government is more or less pursuing three opportunities to hold public meetings in order for them to be able to say "consultations were done"

The deliberations, discussions and decisions are very removed from the Yukon public...that's just how it's set up as a result of so many "stakeholder groups"

The entire herd has Winter Ticks and precious few have a sense of what to do about that. Could be devastating for our moose and caribou herds.

From what I recall, the draft Elk plan came out just before the realization that the herd had Winter Ticks....that fact should add considerable discussion....I know I've heard the thought to "shoot all the Elk and remove any risk to our native Moose and Caribou populations"

Others see no risk at all.....


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Yukon Seeks Public Input on Elk Management

Thats what they did in Ontario. Killed em all in burwash(Moose and Deer but it was that deer parasite that caused the rucuss)

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