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Youth/Disabled Season this Weekend

Good time to have a youth under 16 or disabled person get out and take a deer. I have two kids going out this weekend to go after their first deer! Should be fun Thumbs up


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Youth/Disabled Season this Weekend

i agree,great time for kids!my 14 yr old got his first deer this weekend!NICE DOE.
WE SAT A STAND AND SAW NUTHIN BUT YEARLINGS AND FAWNS SO LATE SUNDAY MORNING I DECIDED we would sneek around and sure enough we spotted a big doe 200 yds off into a field,my son did a 75-100 yd belly crawl to an opening that we were certain she'd run thru,i looped around to make sure she ran in his direction,and she did.he shot her on the run right thru the neck /spine with a 47 yd shot from his 20ga.dropped her on the spot!that was the most exciting hunt of my life-not only because my son got his 1st deer,but because it was an intense spot and stalk.all my deer have been out of a stand,never like this,talk about a great way to bond and get another person hooked on hunting!we'll be out 10/1 for bow,maybe he will get his first bow kill next!? Big smile

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Youth/Disabled Season this Weekend

good to go Thumbs up

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Youth/Disabled Season this Weekend

Hey browncityredneck great job. Now do your son a favor and not stress the kill on the upcoming bow season. Make sure he realizes its not all about the kill, but the hunt itself and spending time with you in the woods. Make sure he knows that Bowhunting is a whole different world and MUCH more difficult than gun, so dont get dissapointed if he doesn't connect. Take this from someone with 5 kids. 2 grown, 2 mostly grown, and a 3 year old ( I think my 3 year old DAUGHTER is gonna be the biggest huntress). Its easy for them to get dejected so just bare with him and dont pressure the kill but emphasize the hunt itself and the glory of nature and all her majesty (damn whered THAT come from)

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