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Youth weekend success. now for general.

I hesitated to post because i wanted the good photos from the camera back first. But i probably wont get those until the end of the season and we have used all the film so....

Here in Washington last weekend.. (April 7-8) was youth weekend for hunters under the age of 16... so this was my last youth hunt. And it was a great one like always being able to share and enjoy the outdoors with my family and friends. There were 4 kids and 3 adults... witch is one of the larger groups we have taken at once.. WE all had a great time and 3 out the 4 youth tagged out. including me..
The other 2 actually doubled opening morning.
I ended up getting my bird around 4 Saturday afternoon, which was the first bird i have ever killed after 9 in the morning. Normally i always tag out right at dawn calling a bird in....but this year was a little different.
The tom i got was with 7 hens and didn't really care for our single hen decoy.. we started hunting him about 10 o'clock at our second spot.. he would answer our calls, but wouldn't leave the hens. So we tried to hike around and get in front of him, because he was walking down this old road to a small creek,but when we set up he was no where to be found... When we located him again he was were we originally set up calling under THE EXACT TREE i had been under... knowing he wouldn't come into call we decided to put on a stalk... which i believe can be fun, but are very difficult... i really enjoy calling them in but this was not an option... it was the most strenuous stalk i have endured, due to having to suddenly stop and wait at half squat for 10 minutes because a hen had her eyes glued to us. Finally,which doesn't happen often in a turkey stalk, the gobbler came into range at 45 yards and my cousin made a single yelp on his slate call, and the Strutter poked his head up and i dumped him. My cousin has been there for me on every youth hunt guiding me to a nice Tom and i cant thank him enough for all the lessons he has taught me. Also i know we are going to have many long years of hunting together ahead of us, and i can't wait to be the one who calls a big tom in for him!

Well here is the only picure i have right now it was off my cell phone.. when I get the pics from the actual camera back ill post more.

07 Rio Near Blue Mountains, southeast WA 8 1/2 beard.

This weekend is opener so ill be headed out to get my eastern, then hopefully in 2 weeks ill be going up to Colville for my merrium and ill have the SLAM

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Youth weekend success. now for general.

Awesome Yes Good Luck with the Slam Thumbs up

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Youth weekend success. now for general.

Congrats Thumbs up

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