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The .243 is a great youth

The .243 is a great youth gun, also if legal in your state look at the .223. that will open a can of worms but it will drop a deer in its tracks at close ranges and they dont kick very much at all. my dad and his girlfriend hav both dropped mulies with 223 with a single shot and the deer went all of 5 yards before piling up. I would not recommend that rifle on long ranges but 100yrds and closer its very deadly. Like others have said the reduced recoil rounds will work great too. I applaud you on getting your daughter out hunting, lets hope the bug sticks with her and she stays with it. My kids are to young to hunt but enjoy coming out with me. They cant wait to hunt on there own. to be honest so am I. Good luck on whatever you choose to do.

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The Jury is In

First, thanks for all the good info.

Hal, I appreciate the advice on her input as well. I couldn't agree more, kids tend to get more involved when they have ownership in the process.

Hal and co meat hunter, yes we have a couple of .22's and she has proven herself with gun safety as well as with accuracy. Which is partly why I am looking to upgrade her to hunting as opposed to target shooting.

But to all who recommended a reduced recoil round..... I took her to the range with me Sunday. I fired a few remington reduced recoil loads (125 gr) to test the recoil and check for point of impact. They were hitting about 6" high at 100 yds, where my .30-06 is sighted for a zero at 225 yds with 180 gr. So I walked her through where to hold the cross hairs and aim low, hold the butt tight to her shoulder (had a shoulder recoil pad too for insurance) and told her to take it off safe and fire when ready. After a few second the gun barked, she moved a little, less than I expected, then she looked at me with a huge grin and said, "WOW, COOL!". She then looked back through the scope and exclaimed she hit it, she was so excited she started to jump up and down and shriek a bit She hit about 1" down and left of center, or about 7:00. She fired about 12 rounds before I told her to take a break and switch back to the .22.she put all but a couple within 3.5".

Thank you for the tip I am not sure I would have stumbled on that if it weren't for y'all. Next step is buy her the tag, and practice prectice practice with the .22 I might even have to get a tag for myself! that and resight in after elk season the end of the month to fix that 6" high nonsense.

The only downside is fit, and weight. The gun is a little long, but I think I can work Something out. Besides, the guy at bass pro said youth models are only an inch shorter from trigger to butt plate? Is this true? I'll keep an eye out for a deal on a quality youth model in the meantime. but if it doesn't happen we are both confident she will be comfortable with this rig.

And again thanks for the info, I knew y'all would have an answer.


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That's Awesome!

Man, that's awesome. Thumbs up  Your daughter is much less sensitive (and probably tougher too) than my son, and he's 2 years older.  

The BassPro rep is right about the inch shorter length of pull for a youth gun.  But the inch shorter can make a big difference in getting your cheek set correctly on the stock and within the eye releif of the scope.  Most younger kids (or shorter adults for that matter) struggle with getting a full sight picture in the scope because they can't get their eye close enough.

Let us know how the hunt goes for you guys too.  It's fun to read about others experiences, especially when they're kids hunts.  We are planning on a Nebraska hunt this year too, but it will be our last hunt of the year between Christmas and New year's.  

Have a great hunt and make some memories.

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Which Rifle

Glad to hear you are getting your kids involved in firearms and hunting at an early age, especially your daughter.We need more gals in the sport. I work at Sportsman's Warehouse, behind the gun counter and deal with this issue everyday. Calibers are easy. .243 is a fine flat shooting caliber for Antelope, deer and even cow elk as is the 7mm-08. As for rifles, there are many good options: NEF/H&R is a reasonable choice, but of course single shot. The stocks are easy to find on e-bay, so if your daughter grows out of a youth gun you can upgrade to a full size stock. Remington and Savage both make a youth rifle model 700 ADL and 111 respectively. They go for about $400 with a scope combo. Weatherby Vanguard in a youth is a good choice and all the bolts can also be upgraded to a full size stock. Ruger youths are excellent, but are getting costly. Try to stay away from Rossi. Good luck on your choices and many good memories with you daughter.