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Youth Hunting Help

So I live in the Southeast part of the state. Moved down here several years ago because of work.  This area is full of deer, but I haven't had any luck mostly due to my work schedule. I only have one day to hunt a week.  Two years ago my son started hunting with me and I'm enjoying the time we spend in the field.  We haven't had any success and I can see he is getting a little discouraged. Being 11 now, I don't want to ruin his love for the sport and he loves it. 


I currently hunt an area that is hunted hard because it's the largest wooded section in Freemont.  We have seen sign in there, but see more hunters than anything.  As I eluded to in the previous paragraph, we have had no luck at all.  I'm fairly new to the area and would greatly appreciate any tips. I'm not looking to invade any honey holes, just trying to keep the sport alive in my family.


Thanks in advance!

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