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Youth hunt

My oldest son is will be 13 in a couple of years. I asked him if he would like a black bear hunt for his 13 birthday and he didn't dissapoint me when he said absolutely. My question is this I know I am probably looking at an outfitted hunt but would like to keep it under 2000$. The other hitch we may want to spot and stalk so lets hear how you guys have done. Also I would rather stay in the U.S. but am not going to stick to if the deal seams right.


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All I can say is Idaho, or

All I can say is Idaho, or Montana.  Idaho has a lot of bears and from what I have heard it isn't that difficult to hunt them there.  You may have to up the dollar amount if you want to use a guide but a diy hunt should be close, even without doing much or no scoutting. I used to take a yearly fishing trip up that way and always saw bears during the trip but thay was years ago. 

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Very cool your son wants to

Very cool your son wants to hunt. I remember taking my son on his first hunt and I think I was more excited that he was. Lots of bears in Idaho with several units offering 2 bears at only $37.50 a bear and a $154 licence. Idaho also offers spring and fall bear hunts so you have either or both seasons to hunt. As for outfitters there are a bucket load but if you PM me I will give you the number to the one I uses. Great guy and good hunts.

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