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Youth hunt

The Tennessee early youth hunt was held this past weekend. They had perfect weather both mornings for their hunt, the first gun hunt of the season in Tennessee. They held a big deer contest in our county at the shooting complex and had free lunch for all and prizes for the biggest deer checked in.

First place went to a 15 year old girl on her very first deer hunt. She and her Dad spotted a buck moving towards them and when it got to about 30 yards, she shot, dropping him in his tracks with her 30/30. They didn't realize just how big until the walked up to him a few minutes later. He was a great buck sporting 14 points total, including 2 drop tines (sorry no pic as yet). He tipped the scales at 167.5 pounds dressed weight.

The next two largest deer checked were 148 & 147 pounds respectively, a 9 and an 8pnt. I will try and update as soon as I see a picture and also with the final statewide harvest total for their 2 day hunt. I was smiling all weekend, seeing how great the weather was for those young hunters! Yes




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Very cool!  Love to hear the

Very cool!  Love to hear the stories of successful youth hunts!  The youth weekend in Vermont is next weekend, so I have some family friends who I hope to see shooting some good deer then, as long as they are not the ones I wanted to shoot the following weekend... lol

And, love seeing the 30-30 still taking down deer.  A Marlin lever action 30-30 was my first rifle, when I was 15 years old, and 24 years later, I am still using it.  My Dad and I will be sighting it in next Friday, for the following morning hunt.

Throw up some photos when you get a chance!  Let's see some Tennessee deer... Wink

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Outstanding !!

Thats is just too cool for this Little Girl. WOW I bet her dad is about to bust with pride. You just can't buy these kinds of memories with your Kids.

Congrats to the Young Huntress and her Daddy.

Also congrats to all the youth and their parent/s who went hunting. They are now begining the lifelong journey to the great outdoors !! No better place to be.

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