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Your Scope Dope

You can call this a Rant if you want; but made me think:

I was at the range this past Saturday, verifying data between my “Dope Sheet” and actual results, a gentleman that was shooting a couple benches over, came over and asked why I don’t use a ballistic program that is available. (He then gave me a 5 minute sermon on an app for ballistics)

I replied that I prefer to use my own data because I know where it comes from and that I can trust it.

Having use FM 23-10 and FM 3.05.222 I can develop what I need and I know how I got the answers.


Am I out of Date?


Do other shooters make their own tables or rely on someone else to do their work?

If you rely on a ballistic program how accurate is it for you?   

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I have a freind that wrote a

I have a freind that wrote a program for balistics and it is right there as far as accuracy is conserned. 

I however like to do my own figuring when it comes down to shooting my rifles.  I'll take them to the range and see just what they are doing. 

One problem with balistic programs and even shooting at the range is it can't take into the effect that multipule cross winds have on your bullet.  For those you just have to correct and cross your fingers. 

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