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young ohio hunter will work for permission

Hello my name is James Balog and I am 21 years old and from South Amherst Ohio (lorain county) I am an avid hunter. I have been hunting since I as 8 years old, I am a very safe and ethical hunter.Hunting land in my neck of the woods is becoming few and far between so I'm here trying to find a piece of land or two to deer and squirrel hunt. I am an avid bow hunter and am willing to take does out of the herd. I will follow any guidelines you give me, I also prefer to take only mature bucks out of the herd. I live in lorain county but I am willing to travel to surrounding counties and actually all around the state if its a good sized piece of land. I am willing to help out in anyway I can or even pay as much as I can afford to have permission to hunt your land. if anyone can help me out I'd be very grateful. please PM me, or email jamesbalog@hotmail.com
thank you all very much and have a nice day.

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young ohio hunter will work for permission


I don't have any land in OH but want to recognize you for offering your help in exchange for hunting. I'm going to sound old when I say this but "When I was your age", I did the same thing. I would trade a weekend of work for a weekend of hunting. Over the years I have met more farmers and I hunt WAY more than I work these days. Keep being an ethical and safe hunter and you will find the people and land that you are looking for.

Good Luck!

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young ohio hunter will work for permission

I'd like to second the last poster. I too, do not have land in Ohio, but the way you are approaching this is great. Hopefully you find some property to hunt on..... Yes

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