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Young Gun looking for a 20G

My step Daughter has been saving all summer now we can't find a gun for her.
Looking for a 20g that will work with steel shot and hold upto a 3in shell.
she can handle a adult gun, the youth models are to small for her.
She has $200 to spend.
We are located in Nothern Colorado if any one has one or knows of one.

Thanks TIM

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Young Gun looking for a 20G

Not sure if you're looking for a pump or a bolt. If you're thinking geese and turkey, I'd suggest a marlin model 55 goose gun. (bolt action, 3 shot clip, long barrel, I believe full choke) I've got one in 12ga, and I recently found a no-name clone in 20ga for my wife. We use them for geese/turkey. My 12 ga will put 17 pellets in a turkey head target from 70yds.(#5 lead shot) The wife's 20ga will do the same from 45(haven't tried further). Very tight group, super accurate, but maybe not the best pheasant gun.

If that may be what you're looking for I'd suggest putting a wanted ad on marlinowners.com, and maybe a question under "other marlins". I know for certain there's a fellow there has one, as the only reason it's not here is the border paperwork made it impractical.(the surprise there was it was the US side that made it pretty much impossible, the Cdn side was no problem, who'da thunk it?)

For what it's worth, I paid 150cdn plus postage for each of ours. When I got my 12ga, I wrote marlin, and they were kind enough to reply that it was fine with most steel shot, but NOT "T, BBB, BB, and F" shot sizes. You may want to double check that to be safe.
Best of luck

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