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You won't find.....

I could drive you nut's with questions right now.

Looking at your photo's, it appears that most of these rifles come in between maybe 9 lbs to maybe 15 lbs? I suppose that is because everything must be carried by the shooter for the full 2 miles? Then reading thru the rules, I saw no mention of a weight limit.

This seems like a very good course for people with hunting weight rifles to really learn better field shooting. Oh yea. I also am noticing that there are a relative few fluted barrels. Due to shot's being spred out so far that heating not a big problem? Also seems like Remington, Savage and something with a winchester saftey and a square block of a bolt shroud are the rifles of choice. Noticed only a few auto loaders. Don't intrest me anyway.

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You won't find.....

There is no weight limit on the rifles. We like to take a permissive approach to equipment-- as long as it's safe (and won't destroy our targets) and the shooter is willing to carry it, it's OK.

I think you don't see many real light rifles because most of these were build for LR and a certain amount of weight is an asset. Likewise, you have to work pretty hard to build a rifle heavier than 16 or 17#. My AI-AW (the one with the square bolt shroud and funny stock) with the bipod, big USO scope, and suppressor, is about 17#, if I remember correctly.

A few of the rifles have fluted barrels, but I don't think there's any correlation. I think it's safe to conclude that if you take a high quality barrel (ie, low stresses built in) and float it properly, getting it hot doesn't cause the POI to drift. I know it doesn't on my AI-AW (.308). During this match you're not shooting enough rounds fast enough to get the barrels too hot to touch anyway.

We have a few guys who shoot AR-10's occaisonally, but with those you basically get more weight for no benefit. I find it easier to shoot bolt rifles anyway.

hope this helps

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You won't find.....

Welcome to BGH Zak!

The information on your websites is fantastic! Glad to have you here. Like Don said, we'll probably drive you nuts with all our questions. lol

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