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You want ducks, you got em!!!

"Canada geese are fabulous animals alive ... can't say I would mount one, though. "

If you lived on the east coast you wouldn't say that! Our lakes get shut down every summer because of these critters. There is so much crap you would get sick from swimming.

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You want ducks, you got em!!!

Oh, just let me shoot them. Yes

Actually, that is another topic. They make a mess of things around here, also. Locally the IFG has allowed some controlled (within city limit) hunts - that have beat them back into better behavior.

A few people complain about the shooting - to which I have suggested archery hunts - but they have not taken me up on it. So far the shooting has been more effective than the complaining about the shooting.

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You want ducks, you got em!!!

SWEET PICS Thumbs up

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You want ducks, you got em!!!

Sweet pics and mount, We have too many geese here too some lakes get closed from ecoli cause of em I think they should up the limit on those for sure.

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