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You may have known or seen him before

Well, sadly today i was informed that foru member Kirrmeister passed away I am a friend of Dirk Pregler his nickname is Kirrmeister. :(

The following message we recieved on my forum,

Unfortunately, I have now came the sad duty to announce the Kirrmeister in a tragic car accident in his work to death.
Kirrmeister it has been my attention recently on this forum, he is survived by his wife and two children.
I have experienced it myself and am still just speechless.
May he find in the happy hunting grounds in peace.


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Thank you for letting us know FrontierGander. Dirk was a well liked member and contributor on this forum for quite some time. 

I'm so sorry to hear of his tragic car accident. Condolences to his family. 

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I will miss his Roe Deer

I will miss his Roe Deer hunting stories! 

FG if you are in touch with his family at all, please extend thought and prayers from the whole BGH family.

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Holy Sh!t....... I too

Holy Sh!t....... I too enjoyed his Roe Deer stories, and I even let him know on many occasions that those were some of my favorite posts, and I couldn't wait to hear more of them. 

Damn, that sucks.  Our prayers definately go out to his friends and family!!!!!!!!!!! frown

I just read the link you posted and translated it.  I did not realize he was a policeman.  It says his kids are 6 and 9.  That's tough man........