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You made your shot, now what?

I usualy enjoy the moment for a few minutes and look at the animal, but right after i slit the throat, then if its far away i gut it and grab it by the horns and start dragging.

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You made your shot, now what?

first and most important thing: appreciate the moment.

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You made your shot, now what?

same here ...

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You made your shot, now what?

Well, I just sit next to the lifeless carcass petting it, sobbing uncontrollably, and apologize to the itty bitty wittle critter. (just joking-well, except the sobbing part) Laugh

Actually, I just thank god for the hunt and ATVs. I field dress the animal, load it up and haul it to the meat locker. We have a locker here that will skin and care for the trophy if applicable. It cost a whopping $10 more for them to skin and cape it out, so for me it's worth it. Plus they have a lot more experience caping the trophy than I do so there is less chance of me not leaving enough hide on it. I would advise checking with your local meat locker and see if that is an option.

Good luck hunting, and sorry for the sick attempt at being funny!

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You made your shot, now what?

I'd just cut off the head, skin it, bleach it, and keep the skull with the antlers on, I prefer these over head mounts

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You made your shot, now what?

First i turn the lights off and drag it out of the road then load in truck and haul a---out of there. Naw just kidding according to what i just killed, most elk you have to pack out and it is a job.

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You made your shot, now what?

I usually turn to the camera and give the "thumbs up."

The villagers take care of the rest.

Just kiddin'.

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