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Indian Reservation

Wyoming doesn't manage them, but I think the Indians can shoot them

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I worked with a guy last

I worked with a guy last summer that had worked on the reservation. He was working for the USFWS helping the tribe create their own science based wildlife management program. He got to do all kinds of cool stuff without the normal hoops that you have to jump through like trapping and radio collaring griz, sheep, elk etc. Anyways, the indians do hunt the sheep and some of the biggest sheep I have ever seen taken were from that herd. I'll try and see if he will send me some of the pics he showed me. If I remember right, they took some insane mulies too.

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Wow that is very very cool.  I would be willing to wager not many have seen such a sight

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You should tell us all what

You should tell us all what unit so we can start building our points up. Then in 5 - 6 years when he's got the big horns to go with the white coat we can all have a shot at him. Maybe by then too he will have passed on some of the jeans to make more white rams.

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Very cool Mark !!!!


That is very rare to even see in the wide and then to get a pic.... Just WOW !!!! Thanks for sharing !


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