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Yet Another School Shooting


Once again your post (while I don't completely agree) is intelligent and thoughtful. What I got from Cnivles post was sarcasm and thinly veiled insinuations that the bad guys were shot because of their race or possibly we were cheering it because they were black. He attempted to take what was a second amendment and self defense issue and turn it into a race issue. He sees every white conservative as a bigot and cannot fathom otherwise. Where you see subtlety and nuance in his posts I see snarky hateful remarks designed only to start fights. He got called on it this time and it was justly deserved. Unlike you and other intelligent open minded people we can see and respect each others points of view. He cannot or will not and this is why I lose patience with him. He sees differing opinions not as a learning opportunity but as a threat. Anyone daring to voice an opinion other than his is hysterically labeled a "hate speaker" or "racist". My problem with civet isn't his views it's his lack of tolerance for the views of others.

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Yet Another School Shooting
SoCoKHntr wrote:
CVC wrote:
"I am compelled to say I am one of civet's/Pangolin biggest fans! I think the man is accurate as a long range sniper regarding his view and posts."

SoCoHunter 4-28-09

Ha, ha, you a funny guy CVC!.

Hey, I thought it was pretty funny and even a bit clever. Evil!

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Yet Another School Shooting

What makes you think I'm angry, SoCo? I'm not the one spewing all the venom on this forum. And as for the insinuation that I can't handle anyone who isn't "lockstep" in line with my thinking, you obviously haven't read my posts. I've disagreed with a lot of people here, and have a lot of respect for the vast majority because they know how the difference between debating and ranting.

Also, unlike Pogo, I've never advocated restrictions on speech or fantasized about a lot of dead racists in the future.

Funny thing about liberals -- they always try to paint conservatives as "angry" when conservatives start scoring points. Where it gets ridiculous is when they start accusing a level headed opponent of anger by spewing rapid, snarling invective.

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Yet Another School Shooting

Plain and simple, a gun saved lives that day. Like it or not, that is good news. I have on good authority (from a few police friends I have) that guns save more lives and prevent more crimes than most Americans would ever want to admit, if they actually knew. These guys respond to these types of call pretty regular, so they would know first hand what they are talking about.

The fact that such a positive thing didn't make national news really speaks to the point about how the mainstream media will report only what they want Americans to hear. The media makes and breaks opinions and sadly too many Americans live their lives by what they are spoon fed in the mainstream media.

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