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Yesterday morning at the Salon----

while waiting for my haircut----I picked up a copy of ESPN mag--opened it up and there was a full page ad--some Yahoo with tats all over his arms/ fingers etc( Carey Hart) with a bike(cycle) chain in his hands --caption was " chains are for bikes not dogs" I looked at it stupidly for a few seconds and then the light came on- sponsored by our old friends PETA--yes even ESPN is getting on their band wagon--next they will be against all hunting dogs and their owners--I guess ESPN needs a wake up call--Heck I used to keep all 35 of my sled dogs on chains-- with nice little houses for each-- 4 squares a day- and Plenty of exercise-- much better care than many kids get in our urban dumps get.
For more unbelieveable crapola-- go to www .peta2. com

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Yesterday morning at the Salon----

Widux, we edited the link so it wouldn't be a hot link to Peta. Anyone that wants to visit, just copy, and paste into your browser. Just remove the spaces.

I hate it when someone from Peta or other anti-hunter comes along and makes our lives miserable here.

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Yesterday morning at the Salon----

I'm not sure it would matter how you kept your dogs, they don't like you controlling your animals. Put them in a kennel and they'll call it a filthy cage!

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Yesterday morning at the Salon----

P.E.T.A. = People Eating Tasty Animals......

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