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The Year-Round Deer Hunter (featured article)

December 2006 Feature Article:

The Year-Round Deer Hunter

Most of us, at one time or another, have flipped through the pages of our favorite hunting magazines or browsed the pages of our favorite hunting websites and commented to ourselves on how "lucky" some of the featured hunters were to have harvested such tremendous animals. And for some of those hunters, lady luck was indeed on their side. For others, though, specifically those who manage to take such trophies on a regular basis, "luck" has little to do with it. For these hunters, fortune comes in the form of months of preparation and time in the field. The end of the season for these guys is merely the beginning of the next. If your goal is to harvest a trophy buck this year, then don't wait until September to start scouting. Follow this simple four-season schedule and become a year-round student of the deer! Read more...

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