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Wyoming Wolves Now Under State Management

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Wyoming Wolves Now Under State Management

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The decision to RE- INTRODUCE wolves into Wyoming should have never been out of the hands of the people of Wyoming, particularly those who have to make a living in the affected areas to begin with. It took them at least 100 years to get rid of them in the first place. This isn't a hunting issue, or one that a person outside the economic zone they will affect should have ever been involved in, much less had a voice in. Ever try to make a living in Wyoming? Ever try to make a living in livestock? Work outdoors in Wyoming just ONE winter, where the option of working indoors is NOT an option, and then maybe, just maybe, a person would qualify for a comment, but not for an opinion that affects others livelihoods. Wolves do not now, nor will they ever produce the economic returns they destroy. I am strictly in favor of wildlife conservation, and regulation, but when one species of animal has the ability to impact so many others in a negative way, with the ability to multiply, adapt, and increase their range, It was a truly irresponsible and shortsighted act to disrespect the counsel of the impacted residents with the re-introduction of a destructive species that took most of a century to irradicate, just to satisfy special interest groups whose income or lives will never be impacted in any way.

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Wyoming Wolves Now Under State Management

well said! I truly hope wyoming keeps control of the wolf situation.

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