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Wyoming Unit 34 Deer (Rifle)

Based of the number of PP and amount of public land the decision was made to hunt unit 34 this fall (Draw results pending).  I will be new to this area and am planning on calling out and discussing this same question with biologist in the area, but wanted to know if anyone had any advise on starting locations within this unit.  4 of us will be making the drive out from PA and will also be applying for doe tags.  I understand that doe can only be hunted/harvested in the eastern third of this unit, but I do not want to limit myself to only hunting here.  I would rather persue buck and if we happen to do this in the eastern area then so be it.  Ive done some western DIY hunts before in idaho for elk (archery), wyoming for pronghorn (rifle), but have never hunted deer out west.

Thank you for any respones.  I am not looking to take anyones honey hole, just info on a starting location would be much appreciated.  My maps recently arrived and know there are large amount of state and BLM land scattered throughout the unit.  



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Most of the eastern part of

Most of the eastern part of that unit is private. I hunted the unit(73) for antelope last October. We only saw a few mule deer but we were antelope hunting. We looked at pretty much every piece of public in the unit. The only deer info I can give you is to focus on areas other than the prairie.

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Actually, the main areas

Actually, the main areas where lots of private property are located are in the southeastern and southern part of the unit with some mixed in with the predominant BLM land to the north.  I would suggest that you concentrate on the northwestern part of the unit for deer.  The Type 1 tag you have applied for is only good for an antlered deer throughout the entire unit due to fairly low deer numbers.  The Type 6 doe/fawn tags are only good for a small area east of Natrona County Road 125 within the Casper Creek drainage where it is almost all private property where you will have to have permission for access and may have to pay a fee.  The best BLM hunt area is many miles from the doe area and IMO unless you have the whole season to hunt the unit the doe tags may be a waste of your money trying to find a legal place to fill the tags.

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thanks for the replies guys.

thanks for the replies guys.  i will just have to keep up the research, talk to a few biologists, and put in my time while out there.  I will try to keep this updated as the season approaches (if i find any more iseful info) and post season. hopefully my experience will help some other guys out as well.



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