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Wyoming Unit 22 Mule Deer

My father and I sent to unit 34 for our first choice this year with 4 points and did not get drawn. Do not remember what we put for our second choice, but ended up getting picked for unit 22 as our third choice. Originally unit 22 looked like it had a little more public land (TBNG), or more publicly accessible land. There is still enough land to hunt and get away from people, but my concern is that the public land will be void of mule deer and only hold antelope.

Ive been on antelope hunts in unit WY 43, where hunting for 4 days two separate years I have never seen a mule deer. My concern is that the areas I go to in 22 will not be mule deer territory. I bought the GPS PLAT card, all the BLM maps and have been in touch with a few wardens out there, but am still looking for any more useful information.

Any one have any advice to help ease some of my concerns. Thanks in advance.


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Yep, prepare for the worst

Not really, as you'll just have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! With the very limited public land that is basically up in the northern part of the unit and the low deer numbers, other than on some private ranches, be prepared to see more orange and antelope than mulies. The good thing is that you didn't waste your PPs and will have learned a lesson to look into a unit a lot more before you put them on your application. When you say you can't even remember what you put for your second choice it doesn't appear that you put near enough time into the selection process for the money and time involved in a nonresident hunt. A couple tips I can give you is to be prepared to shoot any whitetail you see since the tag is good for both sexes of that species. Also, in the future when you are looking at units to pick check to see if the tag is either sex and whether the unit has any doe permits in the draw. In the case of unit 22 the tag is only good for a buck mulie and either sex of whitetail and there are no mulie doe tags available, so that tells you the population isn't good. Add to that the fact that the unit is over 90% private land and it really narrows your chances down. Go out, beat the bushes, have fun, and know that even if you don't fill the tag that it's still better than being at work!

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