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Wyoming unguided HELP

I have been researching and making calls to biologists and wardens in different areas across Wyoming. The areas that have good public land don't give out many tags. One area that I was interested in only gives 100 tags. Another area that I have researched thoroughly only has 300. How many people apply for these ? The areas that are high draw percentage have very little public land. Was sent a landowner list for the Laramie region and there all booked. Most of them also charge $500.00 Any help would be highly appreciated. As to landowners, areas, or any other info that could be given. My father and I have wanted to do this for years but drawing a tag doesn't seem as easy as I thought. Thanks.

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Wyoming unguided HELP

I'm having the same problems! Did you check out the HMA....Hunter Management Areas on the WY website? They give out a limited number of permission slips to hunt private ranches but you must draw a tag first! Finding a good area is going to be fun! I'm in the same boat!
Good luck!!!

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Wyoming unguided HELP

Here's a link that will help you find answers to your questions on draw odds.