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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

The internet is loaded with poaching topics, cases, and information, but things don’t get interesting until government municipalities, officers, etc gets wrapped up into a mind boggling argument over double standards and fair treatment.

I wish every poaching case, just like this one in Wyoming, received as much attention as when a certified law officer brings down a trophy buck.

Three trophy bull moose to one buck… Some things just don’t add up!

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

You're right Quicky, this case is a lot more serious than shooting a deer. You're also right about this should be getting a heck of a lot more attention compared to the "Idaho trophy buck" case.

The impact to this region sounds very drastic. My guess that unit in Idaho will not miss that deer near as much.

Sometimes politics overshadows whats most important, the big picture.

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

The poacher(s) definitely should see stiff sentencing in this case.

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

I agree, the moose population where I live would be devestated if that happened. Last year the fish and game setup a mechanical deer and two men had to literally be stopped. They kept shooting the deer because they thought they were missing the deer. Actually they hit the deer 9 times. And what did they get slapped on the hand. I for one do not believe that any poacher should get a light sentence, even if it is a bird,fish,or any type of animal. That is what is wrong with our society today, not enough punishment is given to fit the crime.

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

Poaching is wrong no mater what game is on the card.
Some things make it worse then others, waste is one of them, and law enforcement being involved is another.
Look how long it took to get the guys that poached that famous yellow stone bull elk. These guys will get caught to
Take a look at the sentence these guys will get when they are caught its in the Idaho poaching thread. Compare that to the reward then remember the sentence will probably be reduced.
It’s sad really IMO those responcable should not only pay the highest of penalties but also the cost of replacing these 3 bulls If they can be replaced

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

I think that when caught the convicted should have to pay back the reward so it'll be there for the next silly poacher.

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Wyoming Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased

This just makes me sick. Moose are so easy to poach. They were poached all the time when I was in college in Idaho.. And people have no respect for them. I'd be out late season deer hunting and I'd tell people(3 men and a father and his 11 year old son) I'd run into on my way back to my truck, "I saw a cow and a calf" and they would just say "Why did,nt you shoot them"? and when I'd say "I did'nt have a tag", they'd reply "So what"! Again, I concur with Captchee, ALL GAME IS VALUABLE! I wish I could be a reserve warden, I'd have a field day!!!

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