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Wyoming Tags

Anyone else notice the tags changed a bit from last year? Our deer tags, zone 40 type 6 are now "doe / fawn" but only on private property. My antelope tag zone 115 type 6 is now greatly limited in the area of the zone where I can now legally hunt. In years past they have both been good anywhere in their respective zones. This is likely going to really impact the hunting in that area. Ny impacting I mean "congesting", as there are only a couple of private ranches that will let you hunt and all 200 of the deer tags I mentioned were sold. I hope everyone has read about the new restrictions on those tags. It only came to my attention because one of our party just happened to glance at it when checking to see if there were any leftover tags available. Not sure about the restrictions on the antelope tag, as I'm unfamiliar with the boundaries mentioned, other than the part about "east of the Norwood River". Not really complaining, just trying to inform others who may have gotten the same tags. Please check them for restrictions and save yourself a violation.

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