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Wyoming Spot and Stalk Spring Black Bears

I know in Wyoming you can bait black bears. I am thinking of going on a spring black bear hunt and trying spot and stalk. Can you do it in Wyoming, or does the baiting make spot and stalk not real feasible?

Wyoming is closer to me and a more feasible hunt, but if I have to go elsewhere I will. I know Idaho and Montana are great options too. Thanks.



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Spot and Stock

Spot and stock can be done. Your odds may dropp compared to baiting but it is definately possible. My cousin that lives and hunts WY took a huge bear close to the state record by spot and stock. He had an article about it in EASTMANS magazine-"As seen on TV" a few years back. He had some advantage of a fresh snow. He was able to track the bear. Early spring bear hunts sometimes have that advantage of lingering snow to help locate bears just out of the cave. You won't have that advantage. I would recommend getting high up and glassing a lot of country early morning and evening. That is how a large amount of spot and stalk bear hunters do it.

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