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Wyoming Pubic Land Mulie Down!

The first time I spotted him he was feeding along a ridge-top about 600 yards away. I was hoping he would feed down a draw and out in front of me and give me a shot under 200 yards. Of course he fed down the draw on the opposite side of the ridge.

As soon as he was out of sight on the opposite side of the ridge I moved downwind of where he was feeding and hurried the 600 yards to the crest of the ridge. When I crawled over the top of the hill I spotted this buck feeding away from me at about 100 yards. I got a solid rest and took the shot as he quartered away from me. He went down where I hit him.

I was on this trip with my step-father and brother-in-law. This was our first trip to any western state and the first time we'd hunted anything like mule deer. The learning curve was pretty sharp, but we hunted hard (dawn to dusk) and we both ended up coming home with antelope does and mule deer bucks. We had a great trip.

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Good job

Nice buck, I love hunting mulies! Thumbs up

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Good stuff men, congrats!!

Good stuff men, congrats!!

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good looking buck, What'd you

good looking buck, What'd you shoot him with looks like a shotgun?

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Remington 7600

.270, 130 gr. Its a pump. It was a great gun for our hunt.

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Sounds like a good trip to me

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Congrats on a great trip!

Congrats on a great trip!  Pretty good start to hunting in the West.

Love the gun too.  I shoot an old 760 gamemaster.  Can't seem to take anything else when it comes to going after big game.  Been shooting that gun my entire life and couldn't be more comfortable or confident when shooting at critters.

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Congrats on a great buck and way to get it done !

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Nice Buck!!! When I first started hunting it seemed most of the guys had those Rem pumps!!! Must be damn good guns otherwise they would not be around much!! Congrats!!!!

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Nice work! Probably planning

Nice work!
Probably planning next year already after this trip!

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