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Wyoming non-wilderness units for elk?

Howdy all;

I've got a couple of preference points for Wyoming elk, and will be applying for a bull tag for 2008. I don't have the deep pockets for a guided trip, so a wilderness area is out. I'm looking for tips on good units to hunt.

Here are my preferences:
1. I'd like to hold out for a good bull, since it'll be another few years before I've got the vacation time etc to make an out-of-state elk trip.
2. I prefer to get off roads as far as possible - I'm in good shape, used to packing in and out with an elk on my back, and not afraid of steep hills.
3. If I see anybody on an ATV when I'm hunting, I feel like I haven't worked hard enough to get away from them. I also want to set them on fire, so I really do need to stay away from them.

Any suggestions?

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Wyoming non-wilderness units for elk?

I'd look at 30,31 & 32.

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