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Wyoming Mule Deer Lottery Success-Need Advice

I have been drawn for a Wyoming Mule Deer Lottery tag and have been informed that the hunts begin September 15, 22, and 29. I will be hunting about 60 miles south of Jackson Hole. Outfitting will be provided by Great Plains Outfitters. Can anyone give me any advice regarding which dates to choose? I spoke briefly with the outfitter who said he could not really suggest one over the other, except that the first would be more crowded. Apparently residents can get tags over the counter and hunt the area we will be hunting. I am inclined to go to either of the other two dates, but would welcome any suggestions regarding dates or this kind of hunt in general. I will probably be using a Remington 700 BDL in .270 with a Ruger No. 1 in 7x57 as a backup with handloads for both.

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Wyoming Mule Deer Lottery Success-Need Advice

Congratulations on drawing your tag. Those .270's have a great reputation and should be a great caliber for you, especially with some good handloads. Sounds like you have a H or a G tag. I would hunt the first week September 15, as you'll be getting the first crack at them. Be sure to take lots of photos from your hunt. We would like it if you would share them with us. Big smile

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Wyoming Mule Deer Lottery Success-Need Advice

One thing to look at is when the elk hunt starts in some areas the elk hunt opens in mid to late september. If you choose a later date you might also be competing with elk hunters too.