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Wyoming leftovers

Not much left at this point? Did anyone forget about them completely?

Ended up not adding any antelope tags, as my group is a little bit scattered this year. Did throw in a bunch of whitetail doe tags though.

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I got my antelope tags first thing this morning. I was impressed at how quickly they were gone, by 9am MST the four units I was looking at were sold out, and they had 500 to start the day...

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Bought an either sex antelope

Bought an either sex antelope last week and picked up 4 doe tags this morning as well. Don't know the unit we will be hunting yet and know there is little public land so hoping we will draw the hunter management area to help out with things. I though about whitetail doe tags also but have no idea where in the unit to look for them so decided to wait and look around for the future.

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They went quick!

Holy cow did the leftovers for doe/fawn go quick this morning! I got 2 tags for the boy and in the 2 minutes or so it took to pay for those all of the 292 tags available were gone...so I didn't get any leftovers for myself. Sheesh.

Sure seemed to be a tough year for getting leftovers, at least in our hunting units.

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