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Wyoming Governor Signs Concealed-Carry Bill Into Law

I see that the governor of WY signed this bill into law today that would allow any resident who is legally entitled to own a gun to carry it concealed without a permit.

I am personally in favor of this, but was wondering how Wyoming residents feel about it.

Any of you live there? What are your thoughts? How about those of your neighbors and fellow-workers?


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I am glad to see that this

I am glad to see that this one has gone all the way and is signed now. I don't live inWyoming but have spent a lot of time there and know a few people who grew up there. All that I know are in favor of it and anticipate no problems. Wyoming is different than most places you will visit. Every place you stop in hunting season people will happily ask how you did and strike up a conversation about hunting or shooting. Where I work In Colorado you are likely to just get dirty looks from most.


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That's because Wyoming hasn't

That's because Wyoming hasn't had the influx of wacko movie stars, millionaires, etc, like Colorado and some of the other western states, other than maybe around Jackson Hole!  I would describe Wyoming as about as hunter and shooter friendly a state as you will ever set foot in!!!

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Gotta love it! I have family

Gotta love it!

I have family in Wyoming, and I know for a fact that they will take advantage of this law.

Good to see.  Now if some other states will follow!

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