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Wyoming draw question

I am new to applying in Wyoming and am trying to figure this out.

If a nonresident applies for a draw with the preference point option and doesnt draw then they are they included in the 25% random draw?  By looking at the draw odd tables I see places where the quota is higher than the number of first choice applicants on the random draw so I was wondering if second choice applicants recieved those or applicants from the preference point first choice draw would get them?  I guess bottom line is it is close in the particular unit we are looking at and wondering if spending the extra $50 will up our odds if it gets close?


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If you don't have any

If you don't have any Preference Points at the present time, buying one this year would not get you into that drawing until 2012.  When you buy a PP it is not good until the following year's drawing.  Then any applicants that do not draw in the PP draw are placed into the random draw for a second chance at a tag.  If you want to go hunting out there this year, you will be in one of the two random draws where applicants do not have any preference points.  One is Regular Price and the other is the Special Price Random Draw where you pay a lot more money to increase your odds and neither involves Preference Points.  Therefore, you will need to look at the draw odds for any unit or Region tag for those two draws to see what chance you have at drawing a tag.  If you want to start buying Preference Points and still hunt this year there are two ways you can do it.  One way is to buy it during the application period for a license that is now through 3/15 and list an impossible unit for your first choice and the easy to draw tag for your second choice.  The reason you need to do it that way is because you cannot buy a Point and draw first choice in the same year.  The other way you could do it is to wait until leftover licenses go on sale in July on a first come first serve basis right over the net.  There is no $14 application fee to do it that way and then you can still buy the Preference Point for next year during the open period for doing that between 7/1 and 9/30.   Any question just ask away as I'm very familiar with the Wyoming system and have  hunted out there most years since 1994.  I'm in Allegan, about 25 miles nw of Kalamazoo and the easiest way to contact me , if needed, is to send me an email at:    stephensonm@chartermi.net

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more Wyoming draw questions

I myself am new to hunting and Wyoming. I was put in the  for antelope this year but did not draw. So my question would be ....If im a non resident (moved to Wyoming a month ago) is it still possible to hunt this year? Are there "general" tags that one can pick up at the counter? and finaly does anyone else have a hard time makeing heads or tails of the Wyo. game and fish web page?

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welcome to BGH

yes and no.  Yes you can hunt, no there are no general tags.  And you're still considered a nonresident, so you have to pay the big bucks.

There are only general tags for residents, but there are leftover Region General deer tags and a few crappy antelope and elk tags.  

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so a little pickle then since

so a little pickle then since I will not have residency untill july of 2012....1 month after draw deadlines.....however next year I will qualify for resident in time for general tags...If I may I have a couple more questions. If anyone is in or near Cheyenne I need advice on a gun club (without a waiting list) or some place to target shoot? and does anyone have any tips for me on predators and varmients.

I would like to re-innerate my hunting experience is 0. However I do have a back ground with firearms. In the USMC I trained with the M-16A2, M-9, 590-A1(shotgun) and the S.M.A.W. (with 7.62 mm spoting rifle). along with these weapons I have a small personel collection which includes a Marlin SS guidegun in 47/70, Remington R700 CDL?(has open sights also)in .308, Yugoslavian mauser in 8mm, and a Beretta 92FS...Also before I left California I did take a hunter safty program.

Now im just looking for advice and possibly some instruction.   -Scott



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